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Date Topic Related Documents
 23 October 2019 Cyber Risk Case Study: A Scenario-Based Approach to Identifying and Mitigating Key Threats   
 4 September 2019 Lessons from Recent and Historical Epidemics: Bugs, Behavior and Beyond  
 27 March 2019  The Shape of Water, Genetics, E-Cigarettes, and Diabetes  
 26 February 2019  Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities for the Life Insurance Industry 
 13 February 2019 Better Health, Reduced Costs, and Higher Doctor Pay...Can we really have it all?  


11 May 2017

Advice to young actuaries and other professionals from two experienced actuaries

21 March 2017

Drivers and Cohorts — New Horizons in Mortality Research


9 November 2016

IAA Risk Book (part 2)

22 March 2016

IAA Risk Book

2015 and older

1 October 2015

Stochastic Projections of Mortality and its use in Actuarial Sciences

23 March 2015

IAIS Developments, presented by John Maroney

7 October 2014

Lapse and Mortality of Post-Level Premium Period Term Plans, presented by Derek Kueker and Tim Rozar