Joint CAS, AFIR-ERM & ASTIN Actuarial Colloquia

Joint CAS, AFIR-ERM & ASTIN Actuarial Colloquia
Welcome to the Actuarial Colloquia 2022!

The actuarial field related to non-life insurance and the financial industry continues to evolve, making it vital for professionals from around the world to share ideas that lead to innovations and improvements. In the spirit of pushing ideas forward, we present the 2022 Actuarial Colloquia, which comprises the AFIR-ERM (Finance, Investment & Enterprise Risk Management) and ASTIN (Non-Life Insurance) Sections of the International Actuarial Association (IAA). The Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) is delighted to host the all-virtual 2022 Actuarial Colloquia. These colloquia will bring together the best actuarial researchers and practitioners, along with their papers exhibiting the latest actuarial and scientific techniques.


Schedule (Tentative to change)
The various days of the virtual colloquia will coincide with certain time zones to enable delegates in North and South America, Europe and Africa, and East Asia and Australia to participate at times more convenient for them. 

Please note that all sessions will be recorded and accessible to registered participants after the event. 

Registration instructions:

  1. Login to your IAA Account. If you do not have one, click "Create an account" below. There is no cost to create one.
  2. Click the "Register myself" button
  3. Identify yourself by selecting one of the Registration Options 
  4. Complete the questions and click "Save Responses"
  5. Click the "Add" button to register for the Joint Colloquium - Full Week Registration 
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6/21/2022 - 6/24/2022


Select this option to register for the full week (21-23 June).

A separate invitation will be sent to AFIR-ERM and ASTIN members to register for the AGMs on June 24. 

Note you will receive a confirmation email for registration/payment. At a later date, you will receive a separate Zoom link invitation allowing you to access the Colloquium.
6/21/2022 - 6/24/2022